Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Frog Blog

I love frogs, always have. They're so cute. I found this little guy on our back patio this evening.

I have fond memories of frogs. When I was a kid, both sets of grandparents lived in the country and had ponds on their property. Pretty little green frogs, much like the one above, would line the banks, hiding in the timothy grass and cat tails. They’d see me coming and, one by one, hop, hop, hop into the mucky brown mud and leaves on the pond bottom. But I was a whiz at catching frogs. I’d cup one in my hands and think he was my new best friend. I’d put him in a clear plastic cup, add some grass and twigs, and think I’d made the best frog house ever, like I was doing him a favor. I’d name him, usually Hoppy, or something equally original, and carry him around with me everywhere. I’d swat flies and toss them into the cup – I can’t remember if the frogs ate these dead flies. After a few days, I’d start to imagine he was homesick, that he missed his family, so I’d take him back to the pond and set him free. Then I’d catch another one.

Several years ago, when the boys were toddlers, we had a couple tree frogs and fire-bellied toads in an aquarium. They ate crickets. I felt like a kid again watching them. Once we tried to feed them a lady bug. That didn’t go over so well. “Blech,” said the frog who struggled to get it off his sticky tongue.

Speaking of tadpoles, we took Eric back to school today and Andrew starts tomorrow. Junior year here already.

What was your favorite critter when you were a kid?


Common Household Mom said...

I love this frog blog! Frogs are interesting creatures. Our oldest child, when she was about 8 years old, captured a toad and named it Genevieve (?!) and made a 'habitat' for it in the back yard. I think it quickly returned to its own habitat.

As a kid I don't think I had a favorite critter, unless I get to count our family cat Louise.

abbiethekitty said...

Frogs are amazing. I live in North Dakota and often there is a tree frog on my bathroom window at night. My second floor bathroom window. It moves around with its pale little belly and tiny finger pressed to the glass.
Makes me want to catch it, but the darn window is in the way.