Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Natchitoches and Hodges Gardens Revisited

Went to Natchitoches this weekend. I had intended to blog on Muggle Quidditch – that’s right, like Harry Potter. No, they don’t fly on broomsticks. They run on the ground. On broomsticks. It’s a bona fide sport. (Wrote a short article for Boys’ Life magazine on the subject. Publication date pending.) Anyway, Eric is on a (poorly organized and casual, at best) team at LSMSA. And we drove up to see him play. But the game, seemingly rather last minute, was cancelled. Therefore, the Muggle Quidditch post is postponed until a future date. So, we had a beautiful sunny day to find something else to do. We drove to Many (manny), thinking I could blog about that, but honestly, as we drove through this tiny town, I didn’t see a single thing worthy of mention. Many aside, our primary destination was Hodges Gardens. After visiting this State Park last October, I KNEW I had to go there in the spring, when the stage would be set, beds bursting in bloom. We were not disappointed. Azaleas and camellias presently star as featured flowers. But roses, irises, poppies, and snapdragons play strong supporting roles. Definitely worth the trip.

Back in Natchitoches, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner out on the deck at Antoon's Riverside Restaurant. After we took the boys back to the dorm, Bob and I went to Mama's Oyster House and listened to a terrific band called Hardrick Rivers, named after the band leader/tenor sax player, then spent a restful night at the Bayou Amulet Bed and Breakfast. All highly recommended! After a delightful breakfast this morning of rolled omelets, sausage, biscuits, watermelon, peach cobbler, juice and coffee, we went to First United Methodist, where Eric worships in Natchitoches. Awesome church! Mr. Rivers plays his saxophone in their praise band, as well.

What did you do this weekend?


Jan Rider Newman said...

I didn't do anything nearly that nice! :)

Stargazer said...

After reading your delicious post, whatever I did this past weekend went "Poof, I'm outta here."

Common Household Mom said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful! This weekend we pretty much did the laundry, and Bob cleaned up the yard some. No blooms yet, though.

I cannot WAIT to hear about Quidditch. My daughter's team sounds about as well organized. I haven't had the chance to see them play. It surely has got to be hilarious.