Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Extreme (Dorm Room) Makeover

Is there anything bleaker than an unoccupied dorm room? Four bare blank walls, two beat-up beds, two empty desks, and two chairs. That’s it. Sparse and stark. Then two boys move in, bringing their belongings. Bedding, books, and backpacks. Posters and musical instruments. Refrigerators and snacks to fuel all those late nights studying. Carpets to cover the cold cracked linoleum floor. Sentimental items that remind them of home. And they settle into this new home away from home.

After getting Eric unpacked, we ate lunch at Lasyone’s (La-see-awns), famous for their meat pies.

Bob and I each had a crawfish pie and red beans and rice.

Eric had a meat pie and potato salad.

If you missed my earlier post on Natchitoches, you can read it here.

To get to Natchitoches, part of our route takes us through the Kisatchie National Forest. It’s a lovely drive.

We’ll see Eric again in three weeks. In case you were wondering, and I have to say I even surprised myself, I did not cry as we left Natchitoches.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't cry. To me, that means everyone is very comfortable with the decision for Eric to spread his wings. You did a good job of transforming the cold room into one that is user friendly. I hope the whole family has a great year. Eric in his place and Andrew in his.


Jan Rider Newman said...

Sounds like you and Eric are growing up just fine, Angie. God bless you all.

Greg said...

Does this mean that Eric's not playing soccer this fall at SHHS? Just kidding, couldn't resist. Congrats to Eric and to all of you ... all of you know already this is but another step on his path to greatness

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Thanks, Greg (and Jan and Bev),

Eric will play soccer every chance he gets at LSMSA, but they don't have a formal team. He signed up for karate in gym class. That should be interesting.

Thanks for following the blog.

Greg said...

haha well you know he can kick hard ... give Hong Kong Phooey our best.