Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's gumbo season, so I'm told. And I love it. Lately, I've been ordering gumbo at every restaurant I've patronized. Chicken and sausage is wonderful, as is seafood. There's also wild game gumbo, but I don't go there. Trying to figure out what's in wild game gumbo is akin to determining what's in a hot dog. I'd rather not know. Gumbo is so popular down here. I have a friend who is near thirty years old, and she told me she's only had turkey for Thanksgiving once in her life. Her family serves gumbo. Imagine that! Most folks own big 'ol gumbo pots. I don't have one. I don't know how to make gumbo. Not sure I want to learn. I might be happy just to continue eating other peoples' gumbo. The word gumbo is derived from the Bantu African word nkombo. A gumbo cook starts with a roux. I make roux too when I make my award-winning macaroni and cheese. But gumbo roux is brown. Gumbo's secret ingredient is file (FEE-lay) which is ground sassafras leaves. And, of course, okra. Essentially, it's a spicy warm brown stew poured over a big bowl of rice. I'm meeting some friends tomorrow for lunch. I hope gumbo is on the menu.
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Winona said...

Gumbo is one of the treasures of Louisiana. I do love it. One of these days I need to have Frank make gumbo, to this day I believe he makes the best anywhere.

I want your mac and cheese recipe

leafmonster said...

That shrimp gumbo in the photo looks pretty good. But does gumbo have to have okra in it? Shudder! I am afraid of okra.

Maria Sondule said...

Gumbo is an interesting food. I have never tried it, or have I? Hmm...

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Dear leafmonster,

Okra isn't so scary once you get to know it. I've had it not only in gumbo, but fried, pickled, and stewed with tomatoes.

Mindy Blanchard said...


My favorite subject in the whole world: Gumbo!!! lol. That picture looks good enough to eat.

Nona, you need to try my mom's; she needs to open up a restaurant - I'm not biased (I swear). She's that good and wins all kinds of cookoffs.

Now where I come from, we mix chicken and sausage and shrimp - Ohh Boy. It is GOOD!

Okra doesn't have to be in the gumbo. I prefer it without myself, as cooked okra tends to feel slimy to me, but it can go either way. So have no fear. You can have your gumbo unleaded (w/o okra).

P.S. Who's gonna invite me over for some real Turkey dinner???? lol

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

You are most welcome to come to my house, Mindy, if you don't mind driving to LC. It's only my family and one other family of three. Seven is a pretty small crowd for Thanksgiving. You could even bring a friend.

Angie Kay Dilmore said...
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